This month I teamed up with The B1M for a short video explaining what BIM means for product manufacturers, where to start, and what the business benefits are.

What will BIM mean for manufacturers?

It’s the process of building design, delivery and operation shifting to digital, so as manufacturers we need to make useful digital information available to contribute more value to this process – that’s intelligent 3D components and the data linked to them.

Where should you start?

Look at your product range and how information about it is currently formatted:

  • Where is it stored?
  • How do people currently access it? How can you make that process easier?
  • And, most important, how can you provide the information in a digital format?

Think of BIM as ‘Better Information Management’ – your first step could be getting product information out of printed brochures and PDFs, into more searchable or usable formats.

What are the business benefits?

From a business perspective, at Cubicle Centre we are using BIM to improve the design-to-manufacture process. This has improved the quality, speed and quantity of our output. It is this process development where I see the biggest return on investment from BIM for product manufacturers.

Your turn. What does BIM mean to you?

This is what BIM means to me but, what do other manufacturers think?
Have you seen any business benefits from BIM?
Share what BIM means to you in the comments section below.

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