Specifier Insights Report

We know from the last Specifier Insights Report back in 2014 that specification of construction products has shifted online.

But, what impact does this have on manufacturers? And, how do manufacturers make the most of the online opportunities?

In a new report, SpecifiedBy dug deeper than before to uncover new insights into specifier behaviour.

The report presents findings from almost 1,000 responses and – for me, this is the best part – SpecifiedBy provides manufacturers with actionable information on HOW to improve the manufacturer-specifier relationship.

Here’s what the Specifier Insights Report 2017 covers:

  • Online for the Win
  • The Demise of Traditional Channels
  • The Role of Building Product Directories
  • BIM ≠ More Specifications
  • The Importance of Your Online Product Information
  • Communication and Pricing

SpecifiedBy is kindly offering my subscribers 35% off the report price. Use offer code craigsewell2017 on the payment page.

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