His mission is to help product manufacturers use digital technologies to change their business model to add value for both themselves and their customers.

Since 2011, Building Information Modelling has been a big part of Craig’s digital vision for manufacturers. Craig has overseen business transformations from 2D to 3D, the creation of model content and, the optimisation of the design-to-manufacture process through better information management.

Craig has a wealth of Marketing experience with established and start-up organisations dating way back to his University years. He has appeared on podcasts and at international conferences showcasing his achievements within the industry.

Craig understands all aspects of the marketing makeup and specialises in Search Optimisation, eCommerce and Brand Management. Learn about his approach to marketing with the Full-Stack Marketing Toolkit

Alongside supporting the BIM4M2 Education Group and UK BIM Alliance Product Data Group, Craig is currently working as an independent consultant to help manufacturers develop their digital strategy and begin to structure their product data.

Craig Sewell - Consultant



Public Speaking Experience

Craig’s latest talk – Building Information Modelling for The Manufacturer – covers what digitalisation can do for your business and, highlights the role that manufacturers have to play as the Construction industry makes the shift to digital.

Next event:

Previous events:

  • BCFA – BIM Workshop 2017 (London)
  • DCW – Small Business: BIG Innovation 2016 (London)
  • BIM4M2 – Help with the Journey 2015 (London)
  • BIM Show Live 2015 (Manchester)
  • thinkBIM – BIM for Manufacturing 2015 (Leeds)
  • BIM Show Live for Manufacturers 2014 (London)
  • BIM Show Live 2014 (Manchester)
  • BIM4FitOut 2013 (London)
  • BIM4SME Launch Events 2013 (London and Sheffield)